Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Do You Like Black,White Or Red Lingerie? Whats Your Colour?

Whats your colour?
Is it the gorgeous seductive power of a piece of well made, soft to the touch chemise or babydoll in black that says seduce me,which has the same power as that little black number that is a firm favourite.
 Or is it white with its crystal clear, clean, beautiful and often unique designs which are stunning in their brilliance,an almost fairytale vision, perhaps a sexy slip made of super soft satin.
Or maybe its red, with its deep luxurious and vibrant look which can make you feel incredibly sexy and very feminine, and what better than a matching pair of stockings and suspenders to finish off the look.
Well what is your colour?


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  3. Black and Red are the colors of sexy lingerie. White is just too typical.